Line of Duty Finale

Line of Duty TV Review


[Contains spoilers!]

With over nine million viewers watching, last night’s Line of Duty finale was the most watched show in the U.K. this year. The incredible figure is expected to rise once catch up numbers are added up, with the total amount of viewers believed to be up to fourteen million. The biggest question on everyone’s lips was the identity of ‘H’, the mysterious figure believed to be the mastermind behind organised crime and corruption within the police force. Answers led to even more questions as Senior Legal Counsel Gill Biggeloe was proved to be the bent copper, with further examination of ‘Dot’ Cottan’s dying confession revealing that there are in fact four corrupt officers, which sets the scene for the next series.

To no surprise, Supt Ted “Mother Of God” Hastings was in fact framed, with previous scenes of his shady behaviour being heavily handed red herrings. After the opening episode’s twist, it wasn’t difficult to spot writer Jed Mercurio’s style again, yet it was still excellent drama as Adrian Dunbar put in an emotional performance in the tense interview scenes. Line of Duty’s signature interview scenes are always fantastic and much of the episode was played out in the interview room, yet was never short of thrills. Once the truth was revealed, the action ramped up a notch with DI Kate Fleming and DS Steve Arnott reacting quickly before Gill had an opportunity to escape and then almost be murdered herself. The scenes were gripping, although the show becomes at risk of bordering on the ridiculous.

Despite all the implausibilities, Line of Duty was BBC drama at its best. Its three leading characters of Ted, Steve and Kate are the heart and moral compass of the show, with their flaws making them more compelling and realistic characters. As the show came to a close last night, many loose ends were tied up, but many more questions and theories began. Who is the other H? Was DS John Corbett actually Ted’s son? Who ordered the hit on Gill? And will no one really not see through Corbett’s killer and new police recruit Ryan?!

So were you one of the nine million plus watching Line of Duty last night?What are your thoughts and theories?